June 17, 2009


what a day! WHEW! so glad it's almost over... but i did want to stop in and say hello. hello!

in short - have a new (well, sorta new) job as an admissions evaluator at mount royal college. LOVE working at MRC (the people are AMAZING, love the 7 hour days, free gym membership, free courses, hour long lunches... nice!). Love that it's so close to home too - suddenly, I'm able to be with my kids for more than an hour every day!

- have a nanny! this is a fun development. we realized that a) finding a daycare that would take the kids on a rotating basis according to Ian's shiftwork was impossible... and b) putting them in full-time care was WAY out of our budget. our nanny's name is Amber and the kids love her, we love her... i especially love her because she does the grocery shopping, folds the kids' laundry and makes them put it away, and she does the dishes. coming home to an empty sink is a huge mood booster, let me tell ya.

- have a new client! Lavish is rolling right along. we're getting totally booked up for the fall, including a bridal fair that is scaring the pants off of me. in a good way! we are also planning a FABULOUS LEGO party for a fabulous kid who is turning 7 in a few weeks. yup - you heard right. Cohen is turning 7! wait till you see the cake... i called in a few favours for this party!

- have some early mornings! i signed up for bootcamp for the entire summer, pretty much. yup, 6am Mon/Wed/Fri you will find me busting my butt in a downtown park. so far i'm loving the actual day of bootcamp (it's so, so, so amazingly beautiful in the city at that hour, and I feel amazing afterwards)... just not loving the night before (aka right now) because it's impossible for me to go to bed before 11. 12 minutes to go, people!

- have Wii FIT! ian's treat this month was this video game. we both feel that we need to get more actual exercise (as opposed to "fake" exercise: chasing 3 kids around 20 hours a day). i have to admit, watching my 6'3" husband do yogo poses is quite erotic.

- have a NO activity clause! well, that's not entirely true. however, ian and i have decided (with many tears from me) that this summer and this coming year, we are taking the kids out of most of their activities. with the business being so young, we need to budget our money like crazy for the first year. we're still working on the details, but i think we'll keep them in one sport and one art. we'll see. sigh.

ok, i think that's it. i have 10 minutes to spare before i turn into a Yorkshire pudding (sorry, i just made several batches of those for cohen's school... never mind, long story), so... off i go. think of me tomorrow morning at 6am... from your warm, cozy beds...

ps - if any of you have ANY LEGO lying around (not the toddler duplo stuff), please please please send it my way!!!! it is impossible to find "normal" boxes of LEGO!

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