August 17, 2009

It's that time again

It's been a really tough summer, I've gotta say. I was at my most hopeful - meeting amazing people, being involved in amazing projects, and moving full-steam ahead with my business.

Well, things can turn pretty quickly, and betrayal, jealously and professional envy seem to have conspired to take some of the sweetness out of my new-found career. But I've powered (ok, limped) through it, and I'm over it, done done done. I'm focused on my own business and my own creativity and making Lavish a success, following my heard and being the best Planner I can be for my clients, all of whom I love! And that realization - hard fought, I might add - has brought some peace my way... and new clients! Suddenly this week I have booked several consultations, which has re-kindled the spark, and my love for hard work.

The fam and I went on vacation last week - we were booked for 7 days in Fairmont but came home early. We just felt it was time to come home. I accomplished an amazing amount of work while I was there - while the kids and Ian were watching cartoons or whatever. I'll post some pics soon, we had an amazing time and I feel refreshed!

Cohen and Lili start school this Thursday. So early, I know! I can't believe my little Lili is starting Kindergarten, and Cohen is going to be in Grade 2! It's amazing how the time flies. Though I'm somewhat excited for them to be returning to school (no more "mom, I'm BORED!"), I admit to feeling very anxious about juggling 3 kids, a new job (read on), the business and all of the activities that the kids are typically involved in. Usually as September approaches I am super-excited and energetic and ready to go-go-go... not this year. This year I feel tired and somewhat depressed. Maybe it's because the weather was less than spectacular this summer, and now I feel the chill of another long winter approaching. I don't know. I don't know! The kids won't be involved in as many activities this year - possibly, anyways - so that will help. I am excited to see them back on the ice again, and hopefully I'll get used to being a taxi again :)

Luci is amazing... this age is so incredible, developmentally. She's standing on her own, and any day now she'll be walking. She is such a snuggly girl, unlike Cohen or Lili, which I love but is making it harder for me to face a full-time job. She is such a happy girl, and so smart! She says "thank you" whenever you give her something or even if you pick her up when she's sad. She says "hi", and "daddy" and "kitty" and "mama" and "oh oh" and "nose" and "eyes" and, of course, "NO!". I can't get enough of her. She's my little one, my sweet darling Luci!

What else. Oh, the job. I am no longer at Mt. Royal, which is a good thing. Truth be told, I hated that job. The people were great, but I am in no way meant to sit in a cubicle at a desk all day entering codes and grades. I never had to make a single decision, everything was done by the book and there was no need, ever, to think. I used to fall asleep sitting up, hands on the keyboard... I can't handle being braindead like that. So I'm glad. AND, the new position I have (starting tomorrow!!!) is so the opposite! I have been hired as the General Manager of the Calgary Boys Choir. I am extraordinarily excited - it's a big step up, and in the arts, which is where I've always wanted to be. Lots of responsibility and it will be a big learning curve, but I know it's exactly where I should be. The hours are flexible, the pay is decent, I get to be surrounded by music and kids. The group is internationally known, and tour frequently. As it stands, I start tomorrow, and head out to the Banff Centre for a workshop with the kids already next week.

Through all the trials of this summer... I just keep believing that everything happens for a reason, and that there are lessons to be learned in each challenge that I face. I am blessed with the most amazing, sweet children and a husband that is still working to make me smile every day. I have amazing friends, amazing family, and a roof over my head and now a job that I know I will love.

Life is good... with all of the good things, I'm sure I can handle being a taxi driver on top of it all, LOL!

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