September 26, 2009

I Heart Fall

Well - what a month! Lavish's first 2 weddings are done - check out our facebook group and/or the blog for photos ! I had a great time,and although not everything went perfectly, I sure learned a lot. Now we have one last event for September - Bridal Expo this Sunday. I have no idea how that will go... I can envision a room with 200 guests, but I can't do the same for a 10x10 space! So here's hoping.

My other job is going well. It's difficult at times to split my focus, for sure. The job is really challenging, and I'll admit that there are days when it feels futile. However, I'm sure that the sentiment is shared by most if not all charitable/non-profit arts organizations. The hardest part is making decisions that are unpopular... and making them based not on what will work for this year but what will protect the organization in future years. It's a tough economic time for the arts... and that means cut, cut, cut. Not popular!

The rest of my time... well, there is none. I am consumed with guilt as I have been pretty much absent from my family for the last month. I miss my kids. I miss taking them to their activities. I miss watching movies with them, and snuggling with them on the couch. I miss knowing what was going on at their school. I miss being home for dinner. Or lunch. Or even breakfast.

October will be dedicated to the kids. Reconnecting. The whole reason I started Lavish was so that I could be more available for the kids. Hopefully, this is the last year that I will have to work full time in addition to Lavish. Which is sort of sad, because I really enjoy my job. But my kids need me, and I need them. Anyway, I can't wait for autumn walks, pumpkin carving, turkey dinner, sleepovers in the basement, girls night with Lili, lego competitions with Cohen, and watching Luci grow (she's walking, btw!). Any maybe, just maybe, a date night or two with my incredibly patient husband.

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