June 27, 2008

Might as well go for it

Instead of putting up my "MFM" ad, I emailed my trainer from last year. She's too busy to take me on as a client right now (right before I got pregnant she got a full-time job at Preventous), but referred me to one of her awesome staff members. Lindy, my original trainer, owns a consulting company called FitNut

Anyway, no sooner had I finished reading Lindy's email to me advising that she would refer to me another trainer, my phone rang, and it was the new trainer. I explained my situation to her, and told her I wanted to get back into the groove immediately, and that meal-planning was going to be a major issue (making lunch for yourself when you yourself ARE lunch for another human being is difficult at best). She is a nutritionist as well, so that's great. She said she'd kick my butt, but "nicely". She wants to meet weekly for a month or two, and said I can expect to be working out 6 days/week again. WHEN? I wonder. But I'll find the time. Luckily, Luci takes formula from the bottle really easily (I just had no time to pump, I'm afraid), so on those rare occasions that I leave the house without her, Ian can feed her.

I'm excited, as she promises that she gets really fantastic weight-loss results with her clients. I'll be using an online nutritional program that will provide me with meal plans every day, and a weekly grocery list. It will also track my caloric intake, plus protein, sodium, carbs etc etc. It will provide her - and me - with a weekly and monthly summary report of what I put into my body.

I decided to go with the Lifestyle option again - most expensive, but also biggest bang for the buck. Since I can pay over 3-4 months, it's not that bad. And I figure, since I won't be spending any more cash on fast food, I'll come out just about even after all is said and done. Plus, we'll all be happier and healthier here, which is priceless!

So, there it is. I took the leap. Back to the gym for me, I guess!

Oh yeah - one of the features that I get with the Lifestyle package is a grocery tour - I had one with Lindy before, and it's great. We spend an hour at any grocery store, disecting every food item. My new trainer said that I'm welcome to invite up to 3 people to come with me on the tour - so if you're in town and interested, let me know! It's extremely informative!

Wish me luck...


Karmen June 28, 2008 at 5:11 AM  

Good for you Mary - that's awesome. I recently 'invested' in a new personal trainer and am excited to be back in the gym again.

If I can make it, I'd totally do the grocery tour with you!

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