June 26, 2008

Graduation Day!

today, my little darling boy is graduating from kindergarten. i can't believe how quickly this year has flown by. september seems so long ago - i was just finding out i was pregnant, as cohen began school. my little dude. he has grown SO much this year, and i have to say, i'm so incredibly pleased that i chose to send him to the arts academy. how many kindergarten students do you know who bring home a HUGE art portfolio on their second-last day of school? and the best thing is, it's all relevent - using art to learn about science, math, social studies etc. i love it. the teachers there have such a passion for teaching (they all have to have a degree in the arts in addition to their teaching degree) and it really shows. and the parents - it's pretty cool to see how diverse everyone is - i love that there are parents who drop their kids off in a minivan that has a sex pistols sticker on it. preppy parents, punk-rock parents, hipster parents...etc etc. everyone is represented. and so committed! this school requires a LOT of parental involvement. mandatory volunteering (the students average about 15 field trips per year), various concerts and assemblies, and of course, the "learning contracts" in lieu of homework, all of which require parental participation. yes, the parents have to help with all homework, and there is a contract that each parent must sign for each assignment.

i'll admit, it's a pain sometime. who know a kindergarten student could have so much homework???? but it's been great.

and now he's all done. next year, he'll be gone all day. it's pretty amazing - i look at luci, and then at cohen, and i'm amazed that we've come so far. he's such a great little guy - always helpful, always kind, tries to make everyone laugh or smile whenever he can. such a sensitive soul too.

kindergarten was one of my favourite times in life. i remember it well, and i hope he will as well.

congrats, cohen, we love you!


Anonymous June 27, 2008 at 2:56 PM  

I know how you feel, just one year ahead. My baby girl Emma just finished grade one. She can read, write, tell stories, write stories, do math questions, you name it. I'm so proud. It is amazing how they change in such a short time. It makes me hope and pray everyday that I'm doing what is right for them.

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