June 3, 2008

I am not an all-you-can-eat buffet!

what a crazy weekend. we had all 4 kids for the weekend, and boy, were we busy.

friday night we went out to celebrate (ha) my birthday... it was all right. i was feeling somewhat under the weather, and as usual when that happens, i got rather, uh, quiet. which, when you're supposed to be drinking (i pumped for 2 weeks just to enjoy this one night out) and partying it up, is rather lame. plus, most of my friends didn't find us at the pub we went to - missed the second floor, apparently! not to mention our waitress... oh god, don't even get me started. i'm pretty sure she actually got fired before we left. i drank more than i dreamed i could - 6 beers and a shot, and never got really drunk. left at 10:45 - LAME! i was tired, though, and honestly, was looking forward to a full night of sleep more than anything, as ian had promised to get up with luci all night.

and boy, was that nice. even though i actually woke up for each feeding, it was still really relaxing.

i also found, going out, that i missed luci a lot more than i anticipated. this might sound awful, but i feel a lot closer to luci at this age than i did for cohen and lili. maybe because i'm actually home with her, all the time. i don't know. maybe because i'm soaking up each moment, because i know it's the last baby. who knows. i missed my other kids too...

i don't know. the night was something of a disappointment for me. i'll have to try again, and soon!

the rest of the weekend was a blur of yardwork, housework, kids, chores and the like. sunday night, though, i realized i'd probably overdone it... as the cold i'd been fighting finally materialized.

and it SUCKS! today i started caring for my neice julia full-time. i also have a sick little luci. it was so heartbreaking last night, every once in a while she'd wake up and give this little shriek of pain, i'm sure her throat felt just as scratchy as mine, plus the headache and runny nose. we had a restless night, us two.

today i managed to pretend like i wasn't feeling like dogpoop. it was my neice's birthday, so after J&B were picked up, i dropped cohen off, picked up julia, took the girls to tim hortons for breakfast, came home, got some chores done, took the girls out for lunch, got some groceries, came home, made cupcakes, decorated them, cleaned up the house (again)... all the while holding a very miserable and fussy baby. poor love.

by the time ian came home, i was done! oh i feel just awful. can't really take anything - the only drugs that the pharmacist said would be ok with nursing, well, they didn't do much. ugh. i am truly hoping that today is the worst of it, and i'll start feeling better tomorrow.

anyways, luci is driving me batty right now... she wants to be nursed every minute, and she's not really eating, just grazing... it's soothing her, i know, but in the meantime, i can't get any rest. i'm dreading tonight. and i can't get ian to help out as he has to work at 6am... yuck. all right. i'd better go and try and get some rest. ha.


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